As online software, clockodo is permanently maintained and developed further.
At this point, we would like to inform you regularly about news.

  • Enhanced export of the co-worker reports

    When exporting co-worker reports, you are no able to include the daily work start and end time, as well es break times.

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  • Automatic-substraction-of-break-time

    Force break times

    Break time can be forced by substracting missing break times automatically if they haven't been fullfilled.

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  • Work time entries: not enough break

    New break reporting

    clockodo has a new break reporting. It facilitates legal compliance with break regulations and protects employers from fines and prosecution.

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  • sevdesk

    Connection to Invoicing Software sevDesk

    After connecting to numerous partners such as easybill, FastBill, billomat and more, we now also offer a connection to the Invoicing & Accounting Software sevDesk.

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  • time_entries_break

    Improved view of time entries - including breaks

    We have updated the time entry page. The main new feature is that the page now displays break times, which are automatically determined based on interruptions between time entries. In addition, other new features include, for example, marking of overlapping time entries.

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  • add-break-while-tracking-time

    Revised time clock: Even more precise timekeeping

    Our timekeeping clocks have always been able to let you precisely record your working time down to the exact second. However, we were not totally satisfied with one detail of the timekeeping process: time corrections directly in the clock - that is, the corrections that you make directly to the duration period while the clock is running.

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  • new_form_for_time_tracking

    Improved forms for time entries

    The forms for the manual adding and for the editing of time entries have been over-worked functionally: By default, an option is now activated which interlinks the start and the end time with the duration.

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  • Reworked access rights for managers

    The original access right option »Is allowed to manage absences« has been extended to the complete working time administration. Without this right, the manager now also isn't allowed to edit planned hours and holiday quotas.

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  • Extended API for co-worker reports and absences

    With our REST API, you are now able to query complete user reports and to manage absences (holidays, sick days, special leaves and overtime reduction).

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  • csv_export_working_times

    CSV export of planned hours

    In the CSV export of the working times, in addition to the worked hours also the planned hours can now be exported.

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