As online software, clockodo is permanently maintained and developed further.
At this point, we would like to inform you regularly about news.

  • Projects can be created by workers

    Projects can now be created by workers without gaining them full edit access rights to the associated customer. From now on, rights for adding time entries are sufficient.


    Update 12 April 2016: App updates are already available now for Android, iOS and Windows; Mac will follow

    Update 04 May 2016: The update for the Mac app is now available in the App Store

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  • edit_lock

    Lock for time entries

    A typical work process when using clockodo is that each employee checks their work hours once more at the end of the month, so that all times can be transferred to payroll accounting and invoiced.

    To prevent any changes from being made to these times at a later point, you can now enter a date on which all times are to be locked, referred to as the “editing lock.”

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  • en

    New absence calendar

    As already announced a month ago when the new employee management has been published, a new absence calendar is available now. It summarizes the absences of all co-workers and displays them graphically.

    Please note: For the sake of clarity, the calendar will only be displayed in the main menu if you have more then one co-worker.

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  • New calender presets for nonbusiness days

    New calender presets for nonbusiness days are available now. Altogether, there are now presets for the following countries:

    Australia, Austria, Belgium,Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France,Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden , Switzerland, USA.

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  • Improved access rights user interface

    We have revised the user interface to change the employee access rights. If you manage many customers and projects (1000 and more), there have been problems and high load times until now. These problems are solved.

    Another advantage: After changing the access rights it is no longer necessary to click a save button. The rights get saved while editing.

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  • modulen01

    New employee management: clockodo makes it easier to manage scheduled work hours, holidays, sick days and overtime

    clockodo now offers many new features for employee management and analyzing working hours. The bottom line: clockodo creates detailed employee reports that factor in scheduled working hours as well as nonbusiness days, holidays, special leave and sick days in addition to time-off compensation for overtime hours.

    Staff can also submit holiday requests, which you can manage as the account owner.

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  • Tip of the day: How can your co-workers add "projects"?

    As a manager at “clockodo” you do not have to create all projects by your own. Also, you can give your co-workers access rights so that they can create projects. How this works, we explain in the following steps.

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  • New Windows desktop client available

    Our new stop clock is now available as desktop client for Windows and Mac can be downloaded here.

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  • https

    HTTPS by default

    Secure browsing by default: We redirect insecure requests of to the secure HTTPS protocol now.

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  • New functions in the clockodo API

    New functions have been added to the clockodo REST API, which are especially useful for reporting and billing purposes:
    The new API resource api/entrygroups allows to query entries grouped by some criteria, just like you know it from your reports in the application. As well as in the application, it is possible to query the groups nested and to enable rounding of durations.

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