Relaunch: do better with clocko:do

A little better every day

clockodo is now called Clockodo. And the logo shows the colon of digital chronometry: clocko:do. We have reinvented and improved ourselves, so that you can improve yourself every day a little bit more by tracking your time. The functions remain the same, but we have brought the design to a new level. This way we enable even better usability, for ease of use and clear structures.

A step in a new direction

Do better means working on your skills every day and thus getting closer to your goals step by step.

Do better also means learning something new again and again. To recognize dead ends and to look for other ways. To reinvent yourself.

For over ten years, we have consistently developed our vision of Clockodo. A lot has happened since 2011: Technologies and design trends came and went as we continued to refine our design. For the past year, we've been working with Zeughaus Design on the next chapter of Clockodo. Our analog-inspired, old design with faux wood is now giving way to a digital-only approach. The logo, color palette, typeface and interface are finally breaking away from the analog and nostalgic. With the new design, we are ready for the road ahead.

We dare to take a step into a new direction: The writing in the logo "clockodo" becomes "clocko:do". We "do". We are getting down to business.

We say goodbye to the analog clock with hands and welcome the colon of digital timekeeping. In every second there is time for something great. Let's get better together every day.

The Clockodo application

Small changes that have a big impact on usability: To further increase the ease of use of your time tracking system, we have adapted the interface. In the new design, you will find the navigation as well as some functions in a different, more accessible place. However, nothing has changed in the core functions and the time recording itself.

FAQs zu Clockodo

Why a relaunch?

Green, yellow and wood dominated our time tracking tool for a few years now. The software landscape in the online sector has changed since then and we would like to follow current standards and designs. The old layout of the application has historically grown together with more and more new functions and the handling has bowed to this. With the relaunch, we have structured everything in a meaningful way and also put our brand on a path with which we identify: do better.

What has changed in the tool?

Only the navigation and the arrangement of some buttons is new. Nothing has changed in the functions and settings themselves. Also your data is all there.

If you have any questions contact the Customer Success Team.

Why is the old design switched off?

The new interface is a platform for important functions and innovations that we would like to develop in the future. The old design is no longer suitable for this. In addition, it is not expedient to maintain and service two systems. We would rather invest this time in new developments.

Where do we go from here?

For the future, we still plan to develop new features that will make your everyday life even easier, in line with do better. All developments planned after the relaunch can be found on our roadmap.

How is Clockodo pronounced?

While the emphasis in the old clockodo was on the middle "o", it is now at the end: [ˈklɑkoˈdu]. We value our "do" – we take action, improve, and help you do the same. Let's do!

We are behind it

Clockodo Team

In ten years of time recording, we have grown, in employee and customer numbers, in functions and experience. We, the founders Moritz Hofmann and Thomas Romanek, have already been on a successful path together with you. Our teams in Customer Success, Development and Marketing support us and each other to improve Clockodo and Clockodo GmbH step by step. In doing so, we are available for your questions and suggestions and look forward to meeting you personally.

About us

Our mission

Time is our most valuable asset. Clockodo helps companies and people in making their time more conscious and rewarding day by day. Our motto do:better reminds us day by day to stay curious and open. It inspires us to help our users achieve and exceed their goals. We develop cloud software that helps small and medium-sized companies to digitize their time tracking – so they can free their minds for the important things.

We also want to improve every day, so that we can always give you the opportunity to do the same with our cloud software. With the relaunch, we are now moving in a new direction with which we identify. That's why we will embody digitalization not only in our product, but also in our brand: do:better with Clockodo.

And now it's your turn!

In your account you can now switch between the designs. Try out Clockodo!

We are happy if you like our step into the new direction.

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