Change: Reduction of target hours for unpaid absences

For the recently introduced unpaid absences, Clockodo will charge the time in the work time account differently from now on. Instead of crediting the hours, we reduce the associated target hours.

Previously, Clockodo added the target hours of the respective day to the work time account for all absences, if this was set in the company settings. However, this led to disadvantages in the case of unpaid absences, for example when individual co-workers are paid on an hourly basis. In the monthly total, it was no longer possible to directly read how many hours were actually to be paid.

Therefore, the software reduces the target hours for days with unpaid absences with immediate effect, regardless of which default setting is selected in the company settings. This also applies retroactively.

Don't worry: Only the total number of target and actual hours will be adjusted. If there were 8 out of 8 hours to be worked on a day with unpaid absences, there are now 0 out of 0. For this reason, nothing changes in existing overtime balance, because the difference remains the same.


  • A co-worker receives wages based on hours worked.
  • As target hours, 8 are entered on Mondays and 8 on Tuesdays.
  • Exceptionally, she receives unpaid special leave for a Monday.
  • Therefore, 8 out of 8 hours for Monday were entered in her work time account.
  • Therefore, the working time relevant for the wage could not be read in the work time account.
  • With the new regulation, 0 of 0 hours are accounted and the hours to be paid correspond to those displayed.

New absence "Sick day (sickness benefit)"

As part of the adjustment of the charging of unpaid absences, we have introduced a new type: Sick day (sickness benefit). In Germany, for example, you use this type if a co-worker has already been sick for six weeks and continues to be absent due to the illness and receives sick pay from the health insurance company. Unlike other sickness types, only whole days are allowed here. On days with Sick day (sickness benefit), the system does not allow any working time. Sick day (sickness benefit) overrides Sundays and holidays.

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