As online software, clockodo is permanently maintained and developed further.
At this point, we would like to inform you regularly about news.

  • csv_export_working_times

    CSV export of planned hours

    In the CSV export of the working times, in addition to the worked hours also the planned hours can now be exported.

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  • New access right in order to define if a manager is allowed to administrate absences

    You can now decide if a manager is allowed to administrate and approve absences. You'll find this option in his access rights settings.

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  • Absence calendar accessible for all co-workers

    The absence calendar is now accessible for all co-workers so that own absences can be seen there and its export possibilities can be used by all co-workers.

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  • New export possibilities for co-worker reports

    There are new CSV export possibilities for co-worker reports:

    • Export of the absence calendar (in addition to the ICS calendar export)
    • Export of the key figures for work times, holidays and sick days
    • Export of the exact work time lists

    For the export of the work time lists, there are some additional features in order to be compatible with your accounting software.

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  • 1en

    Tip of the Day: Allow customers to view reports

    Many clockodo users want to share their time entries for third parties, for example customers. This is to be done in a few steps, which we will explain below.

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  • links_en.JPG

    Export of absences

    In order to use the complete absence information of your company on your local computer (for example in Outlook or Apple iCal), there are two new functions.

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  • Deactivate functions

    If you don't want to make use of absences, planned hours or the co-worker reports, it can be useful to deactivate this functions completely so that your co-workers can't reach them anymore.

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  • Better overtime reduction

    Today, we have published a better handling of overtime reduction. The correction is relevant for cases in which automatic compensation of overtimes takes place at the same time.

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  • Presentation in Berlin

    Win! clockodo is one of the best 8 start ups at the Bitkom Innovation Cube. At 12 May, we will present our time tracking software to a selected audience in Berlin.

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  • kundenliste

    Revised customers and projects list

    We have optimized the customers and projects list. The loading times for companies with many projects have been reduced substantially and the list is way more interactive. After each change (editing, adding, setting inactive, deleting, ..) it won't get reloaded, but the already displayed list will get updated. You do also benefit from a new alphabetic filter, which helps to navigate more fast to the customers you are looking for.

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