As online software, clockodo is permanently maintained and developed further.
At this point, we would like to inform you regularly about news.

  • Reports for all co-workers

    Every co-worker is now able to access reports to his own work time. Reports to work times of other co-workers, as well as project reports, can still only be accessed if the co-workers has been granted the access rights to the corresponding customer or project.

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  • time entries

    New views for time entries: chronological and print view

    Time entries are displayed aggregated by clockodo if they belong to the same task. This permits a better overview.

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  • reports-0

    Improved support for tablets

    clockodo backs on intuitive user interfaces like for example the drag & drop feature of the reports function. Up to now, it was not possible to change the reports composition while using an iPad or another tablet. Now it is!

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  • Hourly rates per co-worker

    Hourly rates can now be declared either per customers & project, per service or per co-worker. A future update will also allow combinations.

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  • Online billing applications which love clockodo

    Extended support of online billing applications: Until now, only easybill was supported. The update adds the nameable applications billomat and fastbill.

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  • 2012-04_access_rights_general

    Revised access rights

    The access rights system of clockodo has been revised. You are now able to decide exactly which user has access to which customer or project.

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  • create bill

    Create bills directly out of clockodo

    New feature: Create your own bills directly out of the clockodo application. Every report which contains billable entries, provides now several options to create a bill.

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  • rounding_1a_en

    CSV export for custom reports

    Each report which you generate via the reports page can now be exported in CSV format. This exported file can be opened with spreadsheet programs, such as "Microsoft Excel". Furthermore you are able to import the created file to other software.

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  • rounding_1a_en

    Rounding of times and revenues

    For billing purposes it is often required to bill durations not exact to the minute, but rounded up to certain time intervals. clockodo now also supports this function.

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  • billable

    Mark time entries as "billed"

    Now you can mark billable times as "already billed". Via the reports page, you are naturally able to filter or group your time entries by billability.

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