As online software, clockodo is permanently maintained and developed further.
At this point, we would like to inform you regularly about news.

  • 2012-04_access_rights_general

    Revised access rights

    The access rights system of clockodo has been revised. You are now able to decide exactly which user has access to which customer or project.

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  • create bill

    Create bills directly out of clockodo

    New feature: Create your own bills directly out of the clockodo application. Every report which contains billable entries, provides now several options to create a bill.

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  • rounding_1a_en

    CSV export for custom reports

    Each report which you generate via the reports page can now be exported in CSV format. This exported file can be opened with spreadsheet programs, such as "Microsoft Excel". Furthermore you are able to import the created file to other software.

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  • rounding_1a_en

    Rounding of times and revenues

    For billing purposes it is often required to bill durations not exact to the minute, but rounded up to certain time intervals. clockodo now also supports this function.

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  • billable

    Mark time entries as "billed"

    Now you can mark billable times as "already billed". Via the reports page, you are naturally able to filter or group your time entries by billability.

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  • Hourly rates per service or per project and customer

    From now on, you can choose how to manage hourly rates. The you can choose between rating per service or per project and company.

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  • iPhone app

    The iphone app is now available! With this web app, you can track your working time when you are out and about. The app can be used with your ipad or ipod touch, too.

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  • 12-hour clock and week start on sunday

    Clockodo now supports the 12-hour clock (AM/PM) and you can choose between week start on sunday and week start on monday. Both settings can be configured individually by each co-worker.

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  • android

    Android-App Download

    Apps have been implemented for the iPhone and Android, and with the help of these you can now access clockodo more quickly. You can already download the Android app.

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  • time tracking clock

    Desktop client

    The desktop client is available for Windows and Mac. A little symbol next to the task bar gives you access to the time clock.

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