As online software, clockodo is permanently maintained and developed further.
At this point, we would like to inform you regularly about news.

  • New android app released

    Our new time tracking watch is now available in Google Play Store. Please let us know if you have any problems with the app, we will be pleased to help you! For this purpose, send us an email to

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  • stop clock

    New time clock

    The revised time clock brings many new features and is intended to make the work with it more simple. Within a short time, this clock will also be available as mobile app in your app store and as new desktop client for your operating system.

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  • Sharpness

    With today's update we changed clockodo to current web technologies which allow to show a better resolution on your desktop screen, tablet and printouts.

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  • pdf cover

    PDF project reports

    From now on, you can create PDF files for the project reports. You can setup the visibility of pages and colums by yourself.

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  • notbilled_withoutbudgets

    New billable filter for the reports

    Till now, there was no way to exclude entries from the reports that belong to projects with hard budgets.

    From now on, this can be done with the new filter "not billed so far, without hard budgets".

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  • SEPA Direct Debit

    European clockodo users can pay for clockodo via SEPA direct debit now. To change your payment method, just open Settings -> Payment and enter your IBAN and BIC. Your bank account will be charged automatically each month.

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  • New invoicing tools integrated

    clockodo focusses on tracking your worktime precisely and analyzing that data by your needs. For invoicing purposes, there are many excellent applications. We integrate them into clockodo to easily transfer your time entries into invoices.

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  • Create bill on the basis of time entries with start and end times

    Many of our customers value in particular that time entries in clockodo can be recorded and traced precise to the second. For every task it is reproducible when the work has begun, when it was paused and when completed.

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  • new_hourly_rates

    Hourly rates administration depending on multiple criteria

    Beforehand, it was just possible to assign an hourly rate either per customer & project, per service or per co-worker. Now, you can combine these criteria and, for instance, define that a certain service is more expensive in a certain project.

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  • create_lump_sum_entry

    Budgets on the basis of hours, lump sum entries and adding of entries for co-workers

    Projetc budgets can now also be added on the basis of hours. Furthermore, now it is possible to create lump sum entries. This entries do not have a duration, but a revenue value.

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