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Project reports and hour accounts

The time tracking tool Clockodo processes your data from the TimeBro tracking tool. In the project reports you can find your recordings, sorted by customer, project, and service. Hour accounts show the plus and minus hours of each employee. For an optimal evaluation of your data.

Clockodo GmbHProject managementMeeting with team8:15 - 11:15124,50 € (90 €/h)Corrected by 0:03 h.3:75 h

Flexible filters for all cases

The time recording Clockodo processes your data for you. You synchronize the activities created with TimeBro via the interface in Clockodo. The times are assigned to customers and projects, so that the tool can directly transfer all entries into clear reports. You customize the reports with filters as you need them.

Plus and minus hours in the hourly account

For all those who want to track working hours and overtime: Clockodo's hourly accounts show a target-performance comparison for all employees broken down to the day. Breaks and absences such as vacation and illness can also be found here.

Anica WeberMax MustermannBarbara BeispielMiriam Muster2529 2723+6:25 h-0:14 h+3:22 h-0:50 hOvertime accountNameHoliday quota
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What is TimeBro?

While you work, TimeBro fully automatically records all your computer activity.
You don't have to lift a finger or press a stopwatch.
Everything you actively edit or read is measured to the second: Every program, every document and every e-mail.

More on the TimeBro website.

Your workday is displayed in real time on a timeline. The measurements displayed help you pinpoint time periods and assign them to projects.
Only you can see this timeline – the data is stored exclusively on your device. (100% privacy)
Right next to the timeline, you have a clickable field to pull up blocks of time and post them to projects.

TimeBro's tracking
TimeBro: records into time entries

Who is TimeBro suitable for?

TimeBro is suitable for anyone who spends most of their working time on the PC and in appointments and wants to allocate this time to projects, customers, tasks, etc.

What does TimeBro cost?

TimeBro is available from 10 euros per month and user. You can find the detailed prices on the TimeBro prices page.

TimeBro's prices
TimeBro und Clockodo Schnittstelle

How does the cooperation between Clockodo and Timebro work?

You can import projects from Clockodo and export the time entries and comments recorded for them back with one click.

As soon as you have exported the time entries, you can see them in Clockodo in the time recording at the respective date.

TimeBro therefore enters all times for you where you would normally have entered them yourself.

More information about the integration on the TimeBro website

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