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Tracking times fast and easy

On the go in the mobile app or in the office on the PC – clocko:do is your flexible time clock. Working hours and project times end up in your account from any device. Fast, simple and aligned with the data from CRM+.

12MARIntern07:42 · Working start@ Home Office12MARIntern12:08 · Break@ Home Office12MARIntern17:01 · Working end @ Home Office
2:00 h3:52 h15 sec2:00 hThursday, 12 August7:55 hclickbits GmbH / Internal Working TimeEnergy Inc. / Project managementTest EntryEnergy Inc. - Webseite / Paper Work 14 minutes, 27 seconds break26 minutes, 10 seconds breakZeughaus Design GmbH / Design 2:00 hclickbits GmbH / Internal Working Time

Project times for all cases

Select project and service, start time tracking, done. The project time recording with clocko:do relieves you of a large part of the administrative work. You import your project data from CRM+ with a few clicks via the direct connection of the two tools. For the best possible support in sales, marketing, and support.

The individual co-worker report

The working time recording as the second part of the clocko:do functions offers all employees their own hour account. The software compares the personal actual hours with the target hours. Current plus and minus hours are therefore always immediately available in the account. The absence management including a vacation calendar completes clocko:do's functional range.

Anica WeberMax MustermannBarbara BeispielMiriam Muster2529 2723+6:25 h-0:14 h+3:22 h-0:50 hOvertime accountNameHoliday quota
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How does Brainformatik support clocko:do user?

As CRM+, Brainformatik offers an all-round package for sales, support, marketing, and much more. The software company specializes in the development, enhancements, training, and support of the CRM system. All important data flows together in the collaborative center, for example the time entries from clocko:do.

How does the data get into the other system?

Once linked, the transfer works automatically. The customers, projects, and associated data records from CRM+ can be assigned to the input fields in clocko:do. Thus, the usual overview in the CRM system is maintained and the time entries are created for the projects in CRM+ after synchronization.

Screenshot Brainformatik Timesheet
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What does CRM+ by Brainformatik cost?

You can test the CRM solution without obligation. In addition, there is a free tariff.

CRM+ and the connection to clocko:do start at 123.60 euros per user and year.

The right connection

You connect the clocko:do time tracking system in your CRM+ account under Global settings – Add-on manager – Connection to external time tracking. Then select the assignment of the data records. Authenticate with your clocko:do API key and the setup is complete. The transfer of time entries from clocko:do to CRM+ takes place automatically in intervals.

Screenshot Brainformatik: Connection to clocko:do
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