Time Tracking for bexio Users

Time Tracking

With a few clicks you know how long you have worked for which client. You and your employees log in and record your work time: project based and exact to the second. Detailed reports can be tailored to meet your individual requirements and you can export the data. Track your time in a browser or with our app – and edit the entries anytime. Like this, you automatically create a complete overview of your week. A connection to the bexio paytoll accounting to transfer working hours is possible as well.

Time recording group
Export data


The interface between bexio and Clockodo works in two directions: You export your bexio clients and book your Clockodo times to these. The individual reports allow you to choose exactly the entries you want to invoice. You then send these data back to bexio and create a bill in next to no time.

Working hours and absence calendar

Make use of the absence calendar and accept your employees' holiday requests. For every team member, you can set the work time and oversee their overtime. Lump sums, hourly rates, and project budgets allow for the cost control. The reports builder with its many functions and filters leaves nothing to be desired. A quick overview is offered by the pre-built project reports. Gain a detailed insight into your work times and improve your business processes easily and quickly.

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bexio for Clockodo users: What is bexio?

bexio is one of the market leaders of cloud-based business softwares for Swiss small businesses, freelancers, and startups. The online platform bexio covers a small businesses whole workflow in one solution: from creating an offer to automatic invoicing and reminder processes to integrated e-banking and online accounting with a trustee access.

Who is bexio suitable for?

bexio simplifies the work for small businesses, freelancers, and startups. Thanks to the web-based business software, they evidently work more successfully. With bexio, small entrepreneurs are provably paid faster, have more time for their customers, and spent less time at the office.

bexio Dashboard
bexio prices

What does bexio cost?

bexio offers a free 30-day-trial.

After that, you can choose from the following plans:

  • Starter: 1 user only, from CHF 29,- / month
  • Pro: including 3 users, from CHF 59,- / month
  • Pro+: including 25 users, from CHF 99,- / month

How does the interface between Clockodo and bexio work?

A connection between Clockodo and bexio simplifies your invoicing. You can import clients to Clockodo that you created in bexio anytime. After tracking your work time for specific projects, you can invoice the entries and create a bill prototype for the right customer.

bexio invoices
Clockodo Partner-Verbindung

How do I connect Clockodo with bexio?

  1. You need a Clockodo account.
  2. You need a bexio account.

In Clockodo, you click on the Add-Ons section in the settings. Here you can connect Clockodo with an invoicing software. Choose bexio from the drop-down menu and click on Select. You will be forwarded to bexio, where you log into your bexio account and allow Clockodo to access the data. After connecting the two applications, you can import your bexio clients to Clockodo and create invoices with your Clockodo entries.

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