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Latest version: 4.0.8 (08 January 2018)


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Please note: If you have an older version of clockodo on your computer, please remove it before installing the new version.

Latest version: 3.2.1 (4 July 2017)

Mac time tracking

clockodo desktop client

Download our desktop client for Windows and Mac and use the stopwatch without a web browser. clockodo automatically detects when you are away from your computer and asks you whether you want to record the interruption as time worked on your return.


The desktop client runs directly on your computer, providing you with access to key features outside of your browser:

  • Use the stopwatch to record hours worked
  • Record hours worked with the form in retrospect
  • Summary of entries for hours worked during the last few days
  • Add or edit customers, projects and activities
  • Automatic absence detection
Windows time tracking