The time journal: All working times and changes at a glance

With the time journal, Clockodo realizes traceable working times more clearly than before. All working times and their changes are listed one below the other. Thus, employers and co-workers can control the time tracking data even more objectively, reliably and easily.

Clockodo also fulfills the new legal requirements according to the European Court of Justice and the Federal Labor Court even better. The journal is unchangeable, cannot be switched off and completely shows every booking and change.

What can I find in the time journal?

The journal lists all working times as well as any changes to them and provides information about deleted bookings.

In the list you can see

  • when something was executed,
  • what was executed,
  • what exactly has changed in the times and durations,
  • whether this resulted in a plus or minus,
  • who made the entry or change,
  • and what exactly is meant by this action.

Thus, all working times are traceable and reliably accessible. Entries and changes that affect project times, for example the assignment to a customer, are not part of the time journal.

The listing of these entries starts on December 22, 2023 for all entries from this point on. The time entries and changes are sorted are sorted chronologically in the journal, with the most recent at the top.

Zeitjournal in Clockodo

Where can I find the time journal?

Every co-worker has his own time journal. Owners and managers can see the journals of all co-workers.

To get to your own journal, there are several ways:

  • In the weekly view of the time table, click on the three dots that appear when you hover your mouse over the date of a day.
  • In the daily view of the time table, you can get there by clicking on the three dots on the right above the entries.
  • In the overview of the co-worker reports and in individual reports you also find the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Also, in the co-worker resports in the detailed view of a day you click on the three dots on the right above the entries.

Owners and managers can access the journal of another co-worker via his working time account or via the drop-down menu in the time journal, which is hidden behind the name in the top left-hand corner.

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