Clockodo roadmap: A look behind the development scenes

We develop Clockodo constantly and add useful features to the software. We look forward to your wishes and suggestions!

Planned new functions

Beside many small improvements, these major developments are planned in the near future:

  • Display of requests in the absence planner
  • Enhancement of the smartphone apps to include absences
  • Replacing the previous list view with the timetable in the smartphone and desktop apps
  • Additional level: sub-projects
  • Webhooks for our API
  • Tags for ticket numbers (project management tools) and other use cases
  • Projects with a monthly or annual budget (e.g. maintenance contracts)

You find announcements to all published updates regularly in our Blog

This is how we extend Clockodo for you

We are constantly developing and improving Clockodo ...
... so that you are happy with the product. Your requests and suggestions are welcome via e-mail and let us know what you need in your everyday work. We manage all ideas in our internal system.

We would like to set concrete deadlines ...
... to inform you on when new features will be available for your plannings and projects. At the same time, we want to develop improvements usefully, suitably, and bug-free for you, so that Clockodo functions properly all the time. The time needed cannot be calculated beforehand and so we cannot set concrete dates.

This is why we want to inform you ...
... about planned features on our roadmap and will inform you when you can use them. 

Here you can read in detail how we choose and develop new features:

Selecting new features

To develop Clockodo usefully for all users, we decide carefully which new features will be implemented. The selection depends on several factors:

  • The development team and the customer success team decide which improvements could be suitable for our customers.
  • Suggestions from our partner tools and of course requests from our customers affect these decisions.
  • What is important is the internal evaluation if and how new features will actually fit into the software.

Development time

A new feature is selected and will be processed in the development team. The point of time for this depends on how time-sensitive it is and which other tasks are still pending.

This is why the order of new features can be affected by

  • urgency,
  • legal changes,
  • technical issues or
  • personnel changes.

We want to provide new features as soon as possible for you. However, how long a specific development takes differs from feature to feature. Very often, the actual extent of a new feature does not appear until the concrete planning stage when we check the connection with the whole system and try to develop a suitable customer experience for you. During the process, in some circumstances unexpected problems occur and delay the development.

Additionally, we want to be sure that new features will not cause problems in your active accounts. This is why we prove every development intensively and try to correct every bug before we release it.

Bugs and technical issues

Our priority is to provide Clockodo for you without any problems. It is important to us that you can use the time tracker properly. Do bugs or technical issues appear, we antedate these and put new features last. Because these problems cannot be predicted, bugs extend the development time of new features again.

Questions or suggestions?

Our customer success team will be happy to help.

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