More overview of working times in the stopwatch

A good overview of your own time entries makes working time tracking more transparent and objective. To further facilitate time tracking with Clockodo for you and your co-workers, the stopwatch in the browser now displays additional information that you already know from the application.

The apps will follow shortly with the same functions.

What's new?

Start and stop time

In the list of time entries per day, you can now see when you started and finished an individual entry.

So many target hours are fulfilled

On each day with target hours, a bar fills up with continuous working time. You will find it in the list directly under the date. You can read from it what percentage of the planned hours has already been fulfilled. In the blog you will find an explanation of the color coding. Here, Clockodo only shows bars for days for which weekly target hours apply.


For days where target hours apply, the list shows existing absences or non-business days.

Days without time entries

Days on which target hours apply, but the co-worker has not added a time entry, show this accordingly.

New working time functions in the stopwatch

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