Hiveage for Clockodo users

Hiveage for Clockodo users: What is Hiveage?

Hiveage makes online invoicing and billing fast, easy and convenient for small businesses and freelancers. Hiveage lets you send unlimited invoices to an unlimited number of clients, and accept online payments using more than a dozen popular payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe and Braintree. You can also send estimates/quotes, track time, expense and mileage, send recurring invoices and charge subscriptions automatically, and manage multiple businesses and teams with different levels of access with a single account.

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For whom is Hiveage suitable?

Freelancers and small businesses in all industries.

What does Hiveage cost?

The full-featured plans start from US $16/month.

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How does the cooperation of Clockodo and Hiveage work?

With a connection of Clockodo and hiveage you easy up your billing. Customers created in hiveage can be imported to Clockodo at any time. After tracking your working hours on projects in Clockodo, you can create a bill for them sorted to the connected customer and transfer the invoice to hiveage.

How can I connect Hiveage to Clockodo?

  1. You need an Clockodo account
  2. You need a Hiveage account
  3. You need your Alias and your API key from Hiveage. You will find it in your Hiveage global profile.

In your Clockodo account, click on add-ons in your settings. Here you can link-up Clockodo to a billing application. Next, you can select Hiveage. Now enter your Alias and your API token copied from Hiveage. After connecting the two applications, you can import your customers from Hiveage to Clockodo and transfer invoice drafts to Hiveage.

Hiveage API
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