Sort employees into teams

You can now create teams and sort your co-workers into them – for a better overview.

Create teams and assign co-workers

The page "Team" is now called "Teamlist": Next to new co-workers, you can now create teams here and sort the co-workers into these. You can change the name of the team at any time.

Add a team

When creating a new co-worker, you now have the option of immediately selecting an existing team into which the co-worker will then be sorted. When creating the co-worker, the role worker is selected automatically. The settings for the roles (owner, manager, worker) can be found as usual in the team tab "Access rights".

To sort existing co-workers into a team or to change the team of a co-worker, go to the master data of the respective person.

A co-worker can only be in one team at a time.

The team list shows you all active co-workers sorted by teams. If you archive a co-worker, he will be automatically removed from his team. If you reactivate him, he will be added to the "Teamless co-workers" list.


Overview in the co-worker report

For a better overview in the co-worker report, it also shows the active co-workers sorted by teams.

Co-worker report with teams

Filter in absences

In the planning board as well as in the absence calendar, you now have the option in the filter in the upper right corner to select not only individual co-workers, but directly an entire team.

Absences filter with teams

In the future, we will also enable grouping and filtering by teams in the reports builder.

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