Preannouncement: New budget controlling and correlating changes in the rights system

Set budget to billed

In the near future, we will launch a new kind of project budget handling which influences the access right system. We hereby want to inform you about this and ask you for your feedback if this causes problems with your current workflow.

New budget controlling

Thus far, every time entry for projects with hard budgets could be marked as billed.

What makes sense for tasks that are billed for their specific effort and time exposure does not apply to hard budgets with charges for a whole project. These billings for projects with hard budgets are mostly used for arranged partial payments like prepayments and deposits or the billing of a complete project where you do not charge single time entries and attendances.

Therefore we will launch an adjustment: In the future, already billed amounts of every project with budgets will be saved for the whole project instead of for a single time entry. That means that for hard budgets the information "billed" will belong to the project instead of the time entry.

The single time entries of a budget project will remain as "not billed" in clockodo until the whole project is billed.

Set budget to billed

Necessary change of access rights

Until now, a co-worker with restricted access rights was not allowed to edit already billed entries so that your billings always matched the clockodo time entries.

With hard budgets, a prepayment is typical at the beginning of the project. Time entries to this project that are added later are regarded as billed immediately. 

It would be counterproductive to not let co-workers edit their time entries directly after adding them. This is why we launch this alteration: Time entries for projects with hard budgets that are already billed will remain editable for the co-workers. 

In contrast to entries that are billed separately, later changes in projects with budgets will not affect the billing for the whole project which makes this alteration reasonable.

Please contact us if this new procedure causes problems with your workflow!

Please remind that the alteration only concerns projects with a hard budget. Other projects with time entries without hard budgets and the corresponding access rights will remain as they are when you set them as "set to billed". 

clockodo functions are often used in a way we did not design them for. Customers use them differently or establish workflows that go past our ideas for the application.

If you see problems coming with the described changes please contact us so that we can find a solution together.


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