BETA phase: clockodo can now be configured quickly & easily with a DATEV account to make payroll accounting easier for you and your tax consultant.

From now on, you can export the recorded working times of your employees in a DATEV-compliant manner and transfer them to your tax advisor.

First configure the DATEV settings in your clockodo account under "Add-Ons". For this you need your client number (DATEV number of the company) and your consultant number (DATEV number of the tax consultant) - you will receive these from your tax consultant. Also select the type of personnel number: DATEV personnel number or company personnel number.

Daten Add ons

For the configuration you assign, further down in the form, the clockodo presences and absences to the DATEV wage types. Default values are already stored here, which can be individually adjusted at any time in consultation with your tax consultant. Only times and absences with stored wage types are taken into account in the DATEV export.htigt.

DATEV salary types assignment

In the next step, go to the employee master data in your account. Define here the wage type for your employees (salary or hourly wage). For the DATEV export only hourly wages are considered. The personnel number corresponds to the configured setting (see above).

DATEV wage type

Then you can export all the recorded data of your employees for the current month as well as for the previous two months in the employee report below as many times as you want. The data will be offered to you as a .txt file for download, so that you can send it to your tax consultant afterwards.

DATEV export

Please note that for a smooth export you must have stored planned hours in the employee master data under planned hours for your employees whose times you want to export. Employees without planned hours will not be included in the export.

Also make sure that you have selected "Handle absences by adding time to the time account" in your settings under work time.


Afterwards you and your employees track the work hours as usual. There are no further adjustments need to be made. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team!

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