Changes in dealing with overtime reduction

overtime reduction in co worker report fulfilled time

In the course of the introduction of the monthly target hours, we have also reworked the management of overtime reductions, so that a few changes arise in the co-worker reports. The reduction of overtime will no longer reduce the target hours of the day! This new handling of overtime is reflected in the co-worker reports.

New approach explained by concrete examples

Based on 3 examples, we would like to explain the new dealing with overtime reductions. We will have a look at a day with 8 planned hours and 4 hours of approved overtime reduction. The target hours of the day will not get reduced to 4 hours, but remain at 8 hours.

Fullfilled time

overtime reduction in co worker report fulfilled time

In the first case, the employee works exactly 4 hours. clockodo now displays the actual and target working hours of the day: 4:00 / 8:00. Although the day is then displayed with -4: 00 hours, it is marked in green, since the remaining 4 hours were booked for overtime reduction.

Too little working hours

overtime reduction in co worker report too little working hours

In the second case, the employee works 3 hours. clockodo now displays 3:00 / 8:00. The day diff, which is then displayed with -5:00 hours, is marked in red. The asterisk behind the notification shows that an overtime reduction has been deposited on that day, which causes some of the missing time. In the info box, it is also shown, that despite of this overtime reduction, 1:00 hour is still missing.

Too many working hours

overtime reduction in co worker report too many working hours

In the third case, the employee works 5 hours. clockodo now displays 5:00 / 8:00. The day, which is then displayed with -3:00 hours, is again marked in green, since the remaining hours were registered for overtime reduction.

No charging in the annual sum anymore

Since former the target hours of a day have got reduced, the overtime reduction had to be deducted in the year sum, additionally. "Overtime reduction: -58 h" has been a typical entry there. This is no longer necessary, so you will not encounter this information any longer. Even the past co-worker reports, now show the evaluation of the hours accounts according to the new approach.

Changes to the REST interface for co-worker reports

Important note: This paragraph is only interesting for software engineers, who use our API-interface.

In the ressource "userreports" of our REST API, we have made some changes for the sake of maximum backward compatibility. As described above it was formerly necessary to deduct the overtime reduction from the difference between the target and actual hours in order to obtain the correct final difference in the hours account. As this is no longer necessary, we now fill up the fields "count_ot_reduction" (overtime reduction of a day) and "sum_reduction" (for weeks, months and years) with "null".

Instead of the old fields, the amount of overtime reduction which has been used (and has already been included in the hours account), does now get output in the fields "count_reduction_used" (reduction in a day) and "sum_reduction_used" (for weeks, months and years). The new fields are documented in our API documentation.

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