Tip of the Day: Allow customers to view reports

Many clockodo users want to share their time entries for third parties, for example customers. This is to be done in a few steps, which we will explain below.

It is necessary that the company creates a clockodo account for the customer. In your co-worker administration you can add a new “co-worker”. You can select name, email address and access rights. Please choose “co-worker”. By clicking the gear-wheel you get to the point "edit access rights".

Now it depends on which reports you want to present your customers. For that you disable the "Add entries" and "edit reports". Select "see reports" for the project that you want to release for the customer.

Your customer gets the login details by email. The customer can see these reports after login by clicking the "project reports". As some companies do not want to share financial indicators, we are currently working to conceal this.

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