The timetable: weekly view of time entries

The new timetable now shows your time entries in a clear weekly view. You can see all entries of a week in chronological order and add new times as well.

If you select a time period, the form for a new entry with the selected start and end time opens automatically. The times are visible immediately in the timetable after saving. This way you get a faster overview and add times more efficiently.

You can find the timetable in your account under "Time entries".

Preliminary version

The function is still a beta version so far. This means that we will continue to improve the board and provide you with more options within this view in the future. Then you will be able to interactively move, extend, shorten and copy time entries with the board, for example.

The time table was born out of our customers' request for a form to create multiple time entries at the same time. In a comprehensive needs analysis, we determined that the timetable would meet the need of many customers in the future to make similar time entries quickly and efficiently. In this first step, we have laid the groundwork for further expansion in a second step. Then additional use cases will also be realized, such as copying an entire day.

The new functions

Clockodo Timetable

Under "Time entries" you can now switch between the normal view and the new timetable next to the buttons for new time and lump sum entries. For the whole week, you will now see your time entries listed chronologically as tiles in the board.

The breaks are shown in the weekly overview between the time tiles as well.

Make and edit time entries

Click in the timetable and drag the pressed mouse down. This will highlight the time period and you can directly save an entry with all known data. By marking the time period, the start and end time are already preselected. Already existing time entries can be clicked and additional information can be viewed as well as the entry can be edited, split or deleted.

Timetable new entry

Customer colors

To make the time entries even clearer, we have added a color marking to the customers. On the left side you can see the legend about which color clockodo has sorted to which of your customers. The corresponding color marks the time entry with a vertical bar on the left side of the respective tile.

Timetable customer colors

Day view

For days when there are many time entries, there is also a day view here, where the times are displayed wider. You reach this by clicking on the respective date in the upper bar. You can get back to the week overview via the week field, which is now located on the left above the customer legend.


In the preliminary version of the timetable, as you can use it from now on, there are still some restrictions, for example flat rates and turnovers.

In addition, using the timetable will become even more interactive. By dragging and dropping, you will then be able to move tiles, change the time span, copy individual times or even entire days, and more.

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