Report templates to facilitate working processes

During the optimization of clockodo we have recently made changes to the report. From now on reports will save settings of report templates. This means: If you have loaded a report template and leave the report area, clockodo remembers your template. When you get back to the report area, clockodo loads your selected report template again.

We also want to take the opportunity to introduce you to the report templates. You can create reports for any period you choose, group them by multiple criteria and save them as templates.

Following this, you can easily resort to it. Reports save the selected time period, the assembled grouping and the filter. If you select the report, it will be automatically recreated by using the current time entries.

For example, you can display fast and simple, how many hours your employees invested in what projects. For this, you have to select "Last month" in the calendar of the report page. Then you have to drag the icons "project" and "employee" to the left in the direction of the drawing pin. To save this template, click on the drawing pin on the top left site.

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