Offline function for the apps

The clockodo stopwatch now works offline on Android and iOS smartphones and for Windows as well as macOS. We already announced the offline function of the browser stopwatch in a former post.

Offline usage

So far, the stopwatch ran on with the chosen details (customer, project, service, description) when the connection was lost, without the option for starting a new task.

If your device now loses the internet connection, you can still start and stop the stopwatch offline, start a new task, and enter manual time entries via the form and lump sums.

clockodo offline usage

List of time entries

The list of time entries is now also available offline and has been adapted to further needs. In the second menu item of the browser stopwatch, you will now find the time entries in chronological order including pauses, as you already know them from the application, to allow a better overview of individual bookings.

stopwatch time entries


clockodo collects all actions including their details in the request log, which you find at the lowest position in the menu (on the right). There you can see all actions that still have to be submitted. The submission starts automatically as soon as there is an internet connection. There is also an optional button to try a submission.

Request log

As soon as all actions are submitted, they will be synchronized with the account automatically and can be found in the reports.

To use the new offline function, you need to update the apps.


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