New absence types available

The following new types are now available in the clockodo absences:

  • Special leave (unpaid)

  • Sick day of a child (unpaid)

  • Sick day (unpaid)

  • Quarantine (work not possible)

  • Military / alternative service

For users with the role "Employee" the new type "Quarantine (work not possible)" is available in the absence requests in addition to the previous absence types.

For example: If an employee requests "Sick day of a child", the absence manager edits the request or subsequently overwrites it with the unpaid type, if the days to which the employee is entitled have been exceeded. Therefore, the absence type becomes "Sick day of a child (unpaid)". 

For the users with the "Owner" and "Manager" roles, the unpaid absence types are already available, when selecting the absence requests.

Quarantine (work not possible)

This absence type is used when an employee is ordered to quarantine, but is not ill and cannot perform his or her work in the home office due to the nature of the employment. According to the case that the employee can work from home during the quarantine, the absence type "home office" is suitable here. If the employee is actually ill, the "Sick day" type should be selected.

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