Monthly planned hours

set up monthly planned hours

Additionally to the possibility to define planned hours on a weekly basis, they now can be defined on a monthly basis.

Set up

The planned hours on monthly basis can be set up via the page "Planned hours" of the respective co-worker. If the default planned hours of the company were previously activated for this co-worker, this has to be deactivated first. Afterwards, you can edit the existing planned hours or add new ones. Here, it is possibl now to change the working time type from "weekly" to "monthly" and define a monthly target, as well as the weekly working days.

In the next step, the holiday quota of the employee should be adjusted manually according to the number of fixed work days.

set up monthly planned hours

Evaluation in the co-worker reports

In the co-worker reports, for monthly planned hours only worked hours are displayed. In the monthly sum, the hours worked are set against the planned hours.

Continued pay on holidays, sick days or public holidays

On public holidays or on days with absence, days wich are defined as workings days, get credited pro rata for the purpose of continued pay. In a month with a total of 8 working days, for example, 1/8 of the monthly planned hours are credited on an absence day. When using weekly planned hours, there is still the possibility to credit the planned hours of the particular day or the average planned hours.

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