Hourly rates administration depending on multiple criteria

Following the requirements of many customers, we have revised the administration of hourly rates. Beforehand, it  was just possible to assign an hourly rate either per customer & project, per service or per co-worker. Now, you can combine these criteria and, for instance, define that a certain service is more expensive in a certain project. Or you can define custom horly rates for each co-worker in selected projects.

In order to administrate these settings, the hourly rates have received an own sub page. The approach of administrating hourly rates, defers from before. For example, If you have adminstrated your hourly rates on the basis of service until now, you now do not have to add an hourly rate for each service anymore. Instead, you add a standard hourly rate for the whole company and rules for cases in which another rate should be used, like: "The service bookkeeping has a deferring rate of 50 $/h".

The image shows how rates are administrated now, and how criteria can be combined.

In order to ease the change to the new approach, we have tranferred all of your hourly rates to equivalent rules. You can continue using clockodo without doing anything.

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