clockodo supports imports from other time recording systems.

If you have used other time tracking systems up to now but would like to try out clockodo, it is presently even easier to do so: The new import function makes it possible to easily adopt both into clockodo: existing master data, such as for instance customers and services, and also time entries that you have created in other software.

If you have used another online time tracking system up to now, clockodo can use the API that is provided by your existing time tracking system for the import of your data. If clockodo does not yet support your existing time tracking system, please let us know. If technically possible, we will expand the import function to also include this supplier. Up to now, clockodo can import data from "mite", "toggle" and "tempo" via API.

If your existing online time recording system does not offer the option of accessing your data by API, or if you would like to adopt data from other applications, you can use the CSV import of clockodo.

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