Better overtime reduction

Today, we have published a better handling of overtime reduction. The correction is relevant for cases in which automatic compensation of overtimes takes place at the same time.

So far, the use of overtime reductions could be disadvantageous for the employee, like for example in this scenario:

  • 10 hours of automatic reduction of overtimes per month are set up for the employee
  • 4 hours of overtime reduction have been approved for a selected day
  • On the remaining days of the month, the employee has done 5 hours overtime, for example on the days before the reduction

With the calculation so far, 4 hours have been subtracted from his working-time account as overtime reduction. The 5 hours overtime of the rest of the days got completely withdrawed by the automatic compensation of overtimes. In sum, the employee has worked one additional hour in fact, but 4 hours of overtime reduction got substracted from his working time account.

We have improved this behavior by taking into account the use of overtime reduction while calculating the automatic compensations.

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