Debitoor for clockodo users

Track working hours and project times with clockodo and transfer them to Debitoor with one click.

What is Debitoor?

Debitoor is easy-to-use, cloud-based invoicing & accounting software. Creating and managing invoicing and staying on top of your accounts doesn’t need to be tedious and time-consuming. With Debitoor you can create an invoice in less than 1 minute. You can also take advantage of accounting features such as expense tracking, OCR, automatic reconciliation of invoices & payments, and in Germany direct VAT reporting to Elster Online.

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Is Debitoor right for you?

Debitoor is designed for freelancers, sole traders, and small businesses. Thanks to a highly intuitive interface, a background in invoicing or accounting is not necessary.

For those who travel often, Debitoor offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android in addition to the browser version.

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How much does Debitoor cost?

Debitoor offers a commitment-free, 7-day trial period.

Then, you can upgrade to one of 4 different subscription options:

  • XS: Up to 100 invoices & expenses per year, 1 user, from €4/month
  • S: Up to 400 invoices & expenses per year, 1 user, from €8/month
  • M: Up to 800 invoices & expenses per year, reports, banking, 1 user, from €12/month
  • L: Unlimited invoices & expenses per year, reports, banking, 3 users, from €24/month
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How does the cooperation of clockodo and Debitoor work?

With a connection of clockodo and Debitoor you easy up your billing. Customers created in Debitoor can be imported to clockodo at any time. After tracking your working hours on projects in clockodo, you can create a bill for them sorted to the connected customer and transfer the invoice to Debitoor.

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How can I connect Debitoor to clockodo?

  1. You need an clockodo account
  2. You need a Debitoor account

In your clockodo account, click on add-ons in your settings. Here you can link-up clockodo to a billing application. Next, you can select Debitoor. You will be automatically redirected to Debitoor and need to log in once and allow the link-up. After connecting the two applications, you can import customers from Debitoor into clockodo and submit bills directly to Debitoor.

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