With lump sums, you enter daily rates, material, and travel costs

Now you can create predefined lump sums and add them to your customers and projects when needed. With these new lump sums, you do not have to enter an amount of money for every entry. Instead, you define a price per unit beforehand. For example, you can enter a lump sum for travel costs: 0,30 $ per mile. Material costs can be added as well, so you do not have to enter them every time.

Define lump sums

In the Master data, you now find the lump sums next to the customers, projects and services. Create a new lump sum with the green plus button. There you enter the name, e.g. “Travel costs”, the price per unit and the unit itself with six characters maximum. You can also enter a number and a note.

create a lump sum

Enter lump sum entries

To add a lump sum at work, you enter them in the time entry form. As before, you click on Time entries and “Add time entry” to find the lump sum button in the left bottom corner of the yellow form. Here you enter date, customer, and optionally a project. Under Service / Lump sum you can enter a service and as before you can define a certain amount here. Under Service / Lump sum you now find the second possibility as well: a list of your predefined lump sums. Choose one of these, enter the quantity. and clockodo calculates the total price.

form to enter lump sum

In the clock, you enter the lump sums under “Add manually”. Choose Lump sum entry and enter date, customer, and optionally a project. As in the browser form, you choose a service under Services / Lump sums to enter a certain amount of money or you choose one of the predefined lump sums to enter a quantity.

You find the new and the old lump sums in your time entries, the reports, and the related exports. When you create an invoice, you can choose whether to list the lump sums on their own or not. The API interface implies the lump sums, too.

From now on, all lump sums are always billable.

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