Tip of the day: How can your co-workers add "projects"?

As a manager at “clockodo” you do not have to create and manage any project by your own.

Also, you can give your co-workers access rights so that they can create or edit projects.

How this works, we explain in the following steps.

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #1

How to give access rights to co-workers

Screenshot #2
Screenshot #2

You can get to the administration area by clicking on the gear-wheel on the right top corner (Screenshot #1).

To give access rights to a co-worker, choose “Company”.

Now click on the key-icon next to the co-worker you want to give access rights.

Screenshot #3
Screenshot #3

Then you see your costumers / projects and the corresponding access rights of the selected co-worker.

Now you can give access rights to “add entries”, “see reports” or “edit reports” and save the settings (Screenshot #2).

Please note: Now your co-worker also has the ability to view more data.

How to add a „project“

Screenshot #4
Screenshot #4

To add a project you have to click on the tab „Time Entries“. Then click on „Add Time Entry“ on the top right.

By choosing “select project” you can “create new costumer / project” (Screenshot #3).

Please type in the costumer name you want to add a project.

Screenshot #5
Screenshot #6

Auto-complete helps you.

Now write the project name behind the costumer name.

In this example the costumer is “Gym Maxim” and the project is “Flyer”.

To save the project please click on the green hook. (Screenshot #5)

Add project by using the time clock

Screenshot #6
Screenshot #6

On the other hand you can add projects with the time clock too.

For this you have to click on the plus-button on the top right corner.

Now you see your “Costumers & projects”.

By using the plus-button you can add new projects (Screenshot #6).

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