Tip of the Day: Deactivate or delete master data

On the administrative website it is possible to manage master data like "Costumers & projects", "Services" and "Co-workers". You can deactivate and delete master data.

But what is the difference between disabling and deleting?

Deactivation: The advantage of disabling is that the accordingly costumers and projects, services and co-workers are not shown in the time clock. But they can still be seen in the reports.

If you delete the master data, the related time entries will be deleted too. Then they are no longer available in the reports.

You can get to the administration area by clicking on the gear-wheel on the right top corner (Screenshot #1). You can choose between "Costumers & projects", "Services" and "Co-workers". In this example we choosed "Costumers & projects".

By clicking on the visibility-icon (Screenshot #2) you can disable the corresponding customers.

Now the customer has been deactivated and is no longer displayed in the time clock, but is still available in the reports.

By clicking on the edit-icon you can choose between "Edit costumer" and "Delete costumer" (Screenshot #3). In this case, the associated time entries will be deleted and can no longer be viewed.

By the way: Deactivated employees can no longer log in and will not be charged.

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