Sage interface: Create Sage invoices with clockodo data

Sage Business Cloud Accounting for small businesses can now be linked up with clockodo. You can send clockodo data to Sage and create your bills fast and easily. 

Via API interface the two accounts can be linked. This is how you generate invoices from the clockodo data to use in Sage. The connection also functions the other way around and you can import customers and products/services from to Sage to clockodo.

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On our partner page or at the Sage Business Cloud Accounting website, you can find further information about this program.

If you want to connect clockodo with your Sage Business Cloud Accounting, you can do it in your settings for "Add-Ons". Here you can add billing applications and payroll applications. Select "Link-up now" in the first area "Link-up to an online billing application". A drop-down menu opens where you can choose Sage.

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