Revised access rights

The access rights system of clockodo has been revised. You are now able to decide exactly which user has access to which customer or project. The most important aspect at first: After the today's update, each of your co-workers has the same access rights as he had before. However, you are able to edit and refine his access rights now.

access rights general Clockodo

Until now, there were three user roles which you could assign to your co-workers: Owner (of the account), manager and co-worker. The co-worker had the fewest access rights. This has been obtained, but extended with some new setting options. In your co-worker administration you will find a new button to each user with the role “co-worker”. The button shows a key symbol and allows you to edit the access rights of that co-worker. Here you see an example access rights administration for an user:

access rights in Clockodo

As you can see, you are able to decide for each customer and each project whether the user is allowed to add time entries, to see reports or even to edit reports (e.g. edit time entries of other users in this project/customer). You will find exact descriptions to the impacts of each access right within the application. All up, we have attached great importance to the transparency of the rights system:

  • Every restricted co-worker can open an access list, which shows him in detail to which customer and project he has which access rights (naturally, only customers and projects are displayed, to which the user has at least one access right)
  • There is an access list to every customer and project which shows you which user has which access rights to the respective customer/project
  • If a user is not allowed to edit or delete a time entry, clockodo tells him why he doesn't has the access right

Here you can see the access list for an example project:

access rights in Clockodo

In this context we have added another small, but time saving, function: If a user just has access to exactly one project, the project is always preselected in the time clock and entry forms.

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