QuickBooks interface: Link up clockodo with the billing application

Now you can link up clockodo with the billing application QuickBooks. The software by Intuit is suited for small businesses and provides a complete billing system.

clockodo users with a QuickBooks account can easily transfer their data via API interface. With few clicks you can create an invoice for your customers from the time tracking data. The data transfer also functions the other way around by importing customers and services from QuickBooks to clockodo.

You can find more information on QuickBooks on our partner page.

How to link up

In your company settings, you find the section Add-Ons. There you find the headline “Link up to an online billing application”. Click on “Link up billing application”. You can select QuickBooks in the drop-down menu. Select “Connect to QuickBooks” and you will be forwarded to QuickBooks to enter your login data.

You can create bills on the bottom of every project report and in the reports builder. 

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