New types of absences

Now you can choose additional types of absences under My absences, for example Home Office, Maternity protection, and School.

In the dropdown menu for absences, all employees now find the types

  • Holiday from the quota
  • Special leaves
  • Reduction of overtime
  • School / further education
  • Maternity protection
  • Sick day
  • Sick day of a child
  • Home Office (planned hours get applied)
  • Work out of office (planned hours get applied)

When you choose Home Office or Work out of office, the planned hours will not be added or set to zero automatically. Instead, these absences represent a normal day with planned hours the employees have to fulfill.

The chosen absence will be shown under My absences as usual and, when approved, in the absence calender and planning board.

You can read more about work breaks, like parental leave, in the blogpost Enter work breaks.

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