New time clock

The revised time clock brings many new features and is intended to make the work with it more simple. It introduces some new functionality, which is described briefly below.

Fast start of a new task

A click on the plus button on the top right will now start an automatic process. You will be queried for all task details: the project, the service and the description. In each step, clockodo will suggest the last used details. These suggestions replace the old favorites and they contain a special logic which take account of the selections so far.

If the clock is already running and you make a click on a detail, such like the description, you will be asked whether you would like to start working on a new task with another description from now on, or whether the description should be changed for the currently clocked time.

stop clock

Add, edit and delete entries

Entries can be added manually: time entries with start and end time as well as lump sum entries.

Furthermore, you are even able to edit and delete entries directly in the clock without changing to the administrative website.

add time

Administrate customers, projects and services

Customers, projects and services can now be added and edited in the clock with all details.

Thus, you no longer have to change to the administrative website in order to set a budget to a project, change a service name or to edit other details.


We invite you to try out the new clock

The new clock will replace the old one in the near future. That's why we invite you, to try out and use the clock right now and to give us some feedback (send us an email to

In order to start the new clock, you will find a second clock button in your application next to the button to start new old one.

Mobile apps and desktop clients

The new clock will be available as app in your app store within a short time. We will support the Apple App Store, Android Google Play and Windows Phone.

Furthermore, we will deliver new desktop clients soon.

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stop clock
task promt
detail view of a task with edit functions
add time
add lump

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