New functions of the timetable

Drag and drop of time entries

The timetable is now even more interactive. You can move, lengthen and shorten time entries using the drag and drop feature.

Move time entry

Click the time entry you want to move and drag the tile to the desired new position with the mouse held.

Drag and drop time entry

Extend or shorten time entry

Move the mouse to the center of the end or the beginning of the time entry until a double-sided arrow appears. Use this to drag the time entry to lengthen or shorten it. The time span adjusts accordingly.

Time entry lengthen or shorten

Lump sums in the timetable

From now on you can see and manage lump sum entries in the timetable.

Create and edit lump sum entries

The lump sum entries are displayed as tiles below the time entries.

Lump sums in the timetable

To create new lump sum entries, click on the "+ Lump sum" button. This is displayed in the upper right corner next to the button for new time entries. You will see a newly created entry in the timetable immediately after you save it. 

The color of the lump sum entry is identical to that of the time entry for the same customer.

You can click on already existing entries and view additional information as well as edit or delete the lump sums.

Edit or delete lump sums

In the future, you will also be able to use the lump sum entries with the drag-and-drop function.

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