Have reports and time sheets signed digitally

Now you can have the PDF reports and time sheets you create in clockodo signed digitally. This function suits for reports on site at your customer's. When exporting a PDF, now you and your customer can sign right on the display. clockodo will send the signed PDF to your e-mail address automatically.

You can find the function when exporting a PDF report from the project reports, the team reports, the time entries, or from the reports builder.

When you click on "Create PDF" in these reports, the window for choosing the content of the PDF opens as before. Under "Create signature fields", you can now find the new function "Sign digitally".

Check the box next to it and click on "Save". A new window opens with two green fields. You can click on each of them and sign on your device.

The signature can be done any number of times. Click on "Save" again and download the signed PDF. When you entered at least one signature, clockodo will send the signed PDF automatically to the e-mail address of the current clockodo user. He or she can forward the PDF to the customer right away.

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