Faster adding of time entries

In order to add time entries more rapidly, we have optimized the evaluation of user inputs. Here you can see an overview of how user input strings are now converted to durations.

Input of one- or two-digit integer numbers ⇒ Hours

2     ⇒ 02:00

Input of decimal numbers ⇒ Conversion to hours and minutes

2,5      ⇒ 02:30

2.5      ⇒ 02:30

5,25   ⇒ 05:15

5.25   ⇒ 05:15

While using the standard colon notation, you can simply leave out the colon:

250     ⇒ 02:50

0250   ⇒ 02:50

Rapid input of durations in the range of minutes by using a leading zero:

Thus, in this case the colon is simply let out, too

0020   ⇒ 00:20

020     ⇒ 00:20

05       ⇒ 00:05

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