Expansion of Interface between bexio and clockodo

clockodo and bexio are moving closer. The interface between the tools has been expanded with new features that make working with both clockodo and bexio simpler and better. After connecting the tools again, you can now import projects and business activities and export time entries.

The expansion of the two tools includes the following features:

Import Projects

Instead of connecting only to services and customers, the interface now allows you to import your projects created in bexio to clockodo. With this, the effort for administration and the susceptibility to errors will be reduced. The import is available via the Master data in clockodo. Like customers, the projects are connected to bexio so that the export of time entries (see 3.) adds the entries to the right bexio project automatically.

project import

Synchronization of Business Activities

In the past, the projects in bexio were imported to clockodo as services. This was not suitable for many bexio customers so that you now have the possibility to change the import to business activities instead of services. You can import the business activities via the overview page of your services. You can change the settings to use this import under Administration of Connections.

Export tracked time entries to bexio

Until now, you only had the possibility to pass your time entries on to bexio as an invoice outline. In the reports builder, you can now export grouped time entries as such via the button “bexio export”. The time entries will be exported like you created them, with start and end times, customer, project, service, and co-worker. They will be added to the connected project. If a user is not already created in bexio, he or she will be created as “Contact partner (without login)”, services as business activities. Customers and projects must be created in bexio and connected beforehand. Before you start the export, a window opens with a list of your time entries to export and their connection in bexio.

export of time entries list

To use the new features of the interface, you need to have the bexio Pro Package. You have to disconnect the existing connection and link up again under Add-Ons. For the renewed connection, you will be asked to accept bexio’s rights in clockodo which are necessary for the synchronization. After connecting again, you can import projects and business activities and export the time entries. 

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