Debitoor interface: A new billing application in clockodo

The intuitive billing program Debitoor is especially meant for freelancers, founders and small business owners. Now you can connect clockodo with this program as well and transfer your data easily via API interface.

Users with Debitoor accounts can create bills from the recorded data in clockodo and send these to Debitoor as a billing draft. The data exchange also functions the other way around and customers and services can be imported to clockodo.

Apart from the billing creation, Debitoor comes with more important functions: You can create expenses, import payments, generate reports such as expense tracking and VAT reporting – in other words: manage your daily accounting with Debitoor.

If you don't have a Debitoor account so far you can find information on this program with Debitoor.

Set the link

If you want to connect clockodo with your Debitoor account, you can do it in your settings for "Add-Ons". Here you can add billing applications and payroll applications. Select "Link-up now" in the first area "Link-up to an online billing application". A drop down menu opens where you can choose Debitoor.

You will be automatically redirected to Debitoor where you're asked to enter you e-mail-address and password.

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