CSV export for custom reports

Each report which you generate via the reports page can now be exported in CSV format. This exported file can be opened with spreadsheet programs, such as "Microsoft Excel". Furthermore you are able to import the created file to other software.

The first image on the left shows an example report, which is going to be exported in the next steps. To customize the exported CSV, some options can be set up via a dialog, which is shown in image 2. This dialog appears as soon as you click on "CSV export". Amongst others, there you can set up the delimiter symbol which is used in the CSV file, the formatting of dates and durations and whether to export groups or time entries:If you choose "groups", the current view of the report will be exported, which is shown in image 3 (a file is show, which has been opened with a spreadsheet programm).Alternativly, if you choose "time entries", all time entries which are contained in the groups of your report will be exported. You can see this in image 4.

The link to the CSV export can be found at the bottom of each reports page, as well as in the submenu of each group (in this way you can also export just a part of a report).


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