Create bills directly out of clockodo

There has been one missing option for managing your times and revenues: The today's update of clockodo allows you to create bills for your billable times. You will find an appropriate link for every indivual report and part of report which contains billable entries. After selecting some options, clockodo initiates the creation of the bill in your billing application.

For this purpose, it is required that you use a special billing application which is available – just like clockodo – as an online application and offers a so-called API. Examples for such applications are and

The bill will be created as a draft in the bill application. Upon the creation of the draft for a selected report, you can follow a direct link which leads you from clockodo to the edit form of your billing apllication. Hence, you can continue to edit your draft there.

The benefit of this outsourced approach: You can make use of all specific functions of your billing application (e.g. letter papers, document templates, text modules, sending of your bills via mail er e-mail, dunning processes, managing tax rates and discounts, special exports for accounting, ..).

create bill in Clockodo

The first image on the left side shows an initial report which will be transformed into a bill in the next step. Amongst other things, you also see how the creation can be initiated: For the complete report via the link at the bottom of the page, as well as for parts of the report via the link in the particular menu.

The second image shows the dialog which appears directly after following the creation link. clockodo has converted the report into a billing format and therefor set the description corresponding to your composition of the report. Now you can select the bill items which should be finally adopted to the bill. Furthermore you can assign article numbers to the bill items, which have been extracted from your billing application.

In order that you don't have to select each time the customer as well as article numbers, you can define standard mappings:

  • Via the customer administration you can assign each customer to a customer from your billing application (the third image on the left shows you an example form)
  • Via the service administration you can assign each service to a service / product from your billing application

Naturally you are able to make use of clockodos rounding function while creating a bill. Therefor you just have to activate rounding in the initial report. As a special touch: If you have composed your report by "Service" -> "Day" -> "Description", rounding takes place for services with the same description on the same day. However, you will find an option during the bill process which allows you to shorten the description respectively the grouping for the billing purpose to "Service" -> "Day" or just "Service". This won't touch the determined rounded values of the report.

create bill in Clockodo

The first billing applications which has been integrated by clockodo is However, the integration of other applications is rather simple, please contact us if you want to have integrated your special billing application.

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