Color selection for customers in the timetable

Color selection for customers in the timetable is available. Until now, every created customer has received a random customer color in the timetable view, which could not be changed. From now on you can replace the automatically generated color and assign your desired one to the customer.

Under the "Customers & projects" tab, first click on the edit icon for the customer you want to assign a color to. In the settings that open, you can now select from a new color palette of nine different colors under "Color" which one should be displayed in the timetable for the customer in the future. All projects associated with the customer will receive the same selected color. After you have selected a customer color, it will automatically update in the timetable view after you restart the page.

You can see the assigned color in the timetable as before in the legend and in the tiles for time entries and lump sum entries that belong to the customer.

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